We’re getting a plane!

The Advanced Structural Testing Centre, at the University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing, is awaiting the imminent arrival of a small aerobatic aircraft.

We’ll put the plane – which has been designed, and built in the UK – under rigorous structural tests to prove that it’s okay to fly and enable it to go into manufacture in the UK.

It’ll be the first plane that has been tested for full certification in the UK for 30 years! It’s normal that planes are tested overseas, with the nearest facility being in the Czech Republic.

We’re here to prove that the AMRC with Boeing (and the UK) has the capabilities to do this sort of work and are really excited about the project so will be blogging every step of our journey – the ups, the downs and even the loop-the-loops.

We hope you’ll share our excitement in the project and keep up-to-date with our progress. We’re trying to make this blog for everyone so it’ll not be too technical however we are more than happy to answer any technical questions you have – tweet us @thewhiffletree1 using the hashtag #whiffletreetechquestion and we’ll get back to you.


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