Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

IMG_1179We’re moving on nicely with the whiffletree build. Hopefully we’ll be getting the plane this week so it’s all hands on deck.

We’ve been building the load application frame. It’s all tacked up ready for the plane arriving – once we’ve mounted the plane onto it to ensure it fits we’ll then get it fully welded together. The load application frame doesn’t move (or so we hope!), it’s where the load is put onto the plane to move it.

All the bearings have also been delivered – the bearings will support everything and allow us to get the plane into the exact position we want.

IMG_1126Steve P has also been securing the interface plates to the strong floor. We’re using interface plates because; although our strong floor has specific coordinate holes pre-drilled; the rigs’ mounts don’t necessarily match where the holes on our strong floor are pre-drilled. Therefore we’ve had the interface plates made – we’ll attach these to the strong floor and then attach the rig to these. Basically it’s an adaption technique that prevents us having to drill further holes in the strong floor which could potentially weaken and damage the floor.

It really is a team effort to get everything ready but we’re soldiering on and keeping spirits high with lots of cake (what else?!).

Image Captions

Top right: The load application frame.

Bottom right: The interface plates.


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