A little help goes a long way

20150811_143647_resizedThis week we’ve had a delightful work experience student working with us.

Olivia Tomlinson, is 17 and from Retford. She’s just completed her AS-Levels in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and General Studies and is hoping to go on to study Aerospace Engineering at University after achieving her A-Levels next summer . Olivia’s also an air cadet.

Olivia found out about the AMRC when doing some research online and got in contact to see if she could come and do a work placement. She’s been here for 8 days in total but started off in the composite centre, however after spending an afternoon working with us in the structural testing centre, she decided she wanted to stay with us for the rest of her placement.

She’s been prepping lots of wires for the strain gauges that will be mounted on the plane and has also been helping Shane mark the strong floor out for the plane’s rig. We’ve definitely been keeping her busy.

Olivia’s also picked out a nice colour for the plane’s frame – we’ve decided as the frame is so nice we should paint it. Painting it will also show it’s not part of the structure of the aircraft. She’s gone for blue so watch out for the colour on future photos!

We’ve loved having Olivia working with us, not only has she been a great help but we’re always happy to further encourage young people into engineering – especially women!

Olivia is due to get her AS-Level results on Thursday 13th August – Good Luck Olivia and stay in touch!

Image Caption: Olivia Tomlinson prepping some wire while on her work placement at the AMRC.


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