The Big Flip

shutterstock_123022126One of the more immediate challenges we will face with the plane is flipping it so that we can mount it on the whiffletree – it will sit on the rig upside down. There was some talk of using man power to flip it but Shane’s got another plan!

Here’s how we hope it’ll work….

The bearing that’s fitted to the engine mount, that’s mounted to nose of the plane, has had a hole drilled in it so we can fit a rotating turn buckle inside. The rotating turn buckle will be lifted using the crane.

At the back end of the plane we’re going to make and mount a bracket that’s got a centre hole in it, again with a turn buckle inside. We’ll need to arrange some more lifting equipment to then lift the plane from the back end too.

The plan is then to lift the plane up at either end to a height of about 4 metres – remember the wings will also be mounted by this time too. Someone will hold one wing so as we’re lifting the plane up they’ll walk the wing through and ultimately flip the plane. The first ever barrel roll inside the ASTC!

We’ll keep you updated on how this pans out! We’re hoping the big flip will happen in early September.


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