The whiffletree takes root

IMG_1122This week Jake’s been finishing off the prep on over 300 metres of cable for the strain gauges. Each cable contains eight wires so that a massive 2.4 kilometres of wire in total! On to the end of each of these wires Jake has attached a very fine lead wire that will eventually connect to the strain gauge. The wires are very fragile so Jake’s been very protective over them and won’t let anyone else touch them.

IMG_1124We’ve also started painting a few parts of the whiffletree structure. As we mentioned last week, we’ve decided to paint the whiffletree so that people can identify that it’s not part of the structure of the aircraft.

Our most exciting development of the week is that we’ve started constructing the whiffletrees! We’ve been making sure that everything fits together and moves as it should, one or two of the parts have been a little tight so we’ve been easing them with grease. IMG_1126The whole concept of a whiffletree is that it’s flexible; however this is causing us a few problems when we try to mount it on the strong floor – as soon as we pick it up it all moves! We’re currently trying to square the whiffletrees up and then we will hold them together (so they can’t move when we lift them!) using unistrut that’s tack welded on. We’ll then mount the whiffletrees on the strong floor. There are three whiffletrees in total; two big ones, fixed to the wings, and one smaller, fixed to the horizontal stabilizer of the tail; so this will keep us busy for a while.

In other news, the plane (well our plane’s identical – but better looking – twin) has now done over 30 hours of flying.

Image captions

Top right: Over 300 metres of cables that have been prepped by Jake.

Middle left: Parts of the whiffletree painted blue.

Bottom right: The first, and smallest, whiffletree in full and held together using unistrut.


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