Set Designer teaches Runner a thing or two

This week we have finished assembling all of the whiffletrees and are brushing up on our artistic skills by giving them a lick of paint – Set Designer, Steve, seemed to take a more supervisory role when the team had an afternoon painting session on Tuesday. This is so parts of the plane and the rig are clearly distinguishable. The whiffletrees have been welded and placed on our strong floor meaning they are becoming ever closer to being ready for the plane.

We have also just had final confirmation of where all the strain gauges are to be placed on the plane for testing – it has been decided that there are to be extra sites for the gauges to be situated on the plane so a little more prep has had to be done. The goal for the rest of this week is to start getting the gauges onto the fuselage and wings.

Shane has been assembling and welding the fixture that will be used to flip the whole plane over. See our The Big Flip blog post for more details about this.

Back in the office, we’ve been working on a project plan of when we think everything will be done and time is really flying by, no pun intended.  It’s exciting to see how far along in the project we have come.

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