Getting it right first time

Steve and Steve have started laying the strain gauges. They’ve been cleaning and degreasing the surfaces and have already laid about a quarter of the total required.

There is a lot more to laying a gauge than just sticking it on, including cabling and testing it afterwards – we are getting there though. We’re taking our time as we like to get things right first time.

It’s a bit quiet in the Centre this week as there are only four of us in. There is just the two Steve’s and our two apprentices (and they take a bit of managing ). In actual fact, Jake has been with us for exactly three years today, which officially means he has finished his apprenticeship. He’s looking for a promotion already!

The loading profiles have also arrived from our customer so we can start looking at programming and doing the documentation. The load cell that is going on the end of the actuator has gone off for calibration.

Jake has been machining some eyelets so we can put strain gauges on the whiffletree so we can monitor what loads different points of the rig are seeing and also working on building and attaching the two clevises that are going to be attached to the front right wing of the plane.

The customer is also popping by this week to check on our progress. We’ll start looking at fitting the wings soon so exciting times!


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