It’s up!

The aeroplane is now mounted on the whiffletree! It went on like a dream so all our hard work paid off.

It was a bit like trying to put a spider’s legs in eight holes! All the pieces were moving around while we were trying to mount the aeroplane so we had to get some helpers from the Design and Prototyping Group to restrict the legs while we mounted it. After that it all went smoothly so a big thanks to our colleagues next door!

Steve P’s now wiring all the strain gauges on the aeroplane up to the data log (he’s tearing his hair out doing it, what little he’s got left anyway J). The strain gauges should all be wired up by the end of this week.

The hydraulic pipes arrived yesterday so we’ll need to attach them to the actuator and, because they are new, flush oil through them to ensure all the filters are picking everything up.

We also need to start doing the calculations on what loads we’ll be applying to the aeroplane – that will likely be Shane’s job.

All in all it’s been a good week and we’ve moved forward. We should be getting ready to go soon – the load cells are back and calibrated so everything’s more or less ready.


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