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Round and round we go!

We are now gearing up to get the aerobatic aircraft back on the Whiffletree and perform the second Big Flip!

At the moment the aircraft is currently upside down attached to some trestles in the middle of the ASTC workshop having performed another mini-flip!

The customer and their team had been analysing test data and requested more strain channels in critical areas of the wings for stress analysis. It is important to understand what is happening throughout the aircraft when stress is applied, so more tests are usually requested should data readings not match expected results from earlier modelling.

big flip 2

Now we have added the extra strain channels, we will be conducting some controlled test-loads using static weights before the aircraft is re-attached to the Whiffletree. This gives the team control data to verify or recalculate their expected findings for where stress should be on the aircraft and use for comparison against future responses from the strain gauges once the test-cycles start again.

The team will interrogate and verify this data to ensure the strain channels are installed in the right places or whether anymore are needed. Then hopefully next week, the second big flip will load the aircraft back onto the Whiffletree to begin the testing cycle again!

In other news, mince pies are continuing to make their way into the office, today we were up to 18 pies in the office at once – no one goes hungry at the AMRC!

ATSC’s interesting fact of the week…

…number 2! This one’s too good not to include.

Today…. 46 years ago Apollo 12 landed on the moon Pete Conrad and Al Bean became the 3rd and 4th members of the human race to set foot upon another celestial body. Here is a great picture taken about 4 years ago that shows the site of the operations they undertook!

We will, we will rock you

Firstly, apologies from us all for our lack of post last week. We all had a very busy week at Magna Science Adventure Centre (work, not play… honest!) for the TRAM UK 2015, the Trends in Advanced Machining, Manufacturing and Materials conference, organisedcress in part by us here at the AMRC with Boeing.

It was a fantastic couple of days with great speakers from all over the world, topped off with a Freddie Mercury tribute act, candy floss machine and a hog roast – what more could you want?! Ed managed to bag himself a ‘grow your own cress’ pot for his desk from one of the exhibitors and it’s now happily sprouting on his desk. Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

In other news, chloeChloe from the AMRC marketing team who was heading up the Whiffletree blog has sadly left us for new opportunities. We are sad to see her go, but to wish her all the best in her new adventure. We presented her with her very own leaving memento, fashioned from an actual piece of the Whiffletree!

Now back to the aeroplane… Due to the requirements of the customer, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of some modified parts. They should be with us next week, creating a flurry of activity at the ASTC as we remount the aeroplane back onto the Whiffletree by doing a second Big Flip! Once remounted, the ASTC will become a hive of activity as we restart the testing cycle from the beginning.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the blog, as we will have a lot to report over the coming weeks.

ATSC’s interesting fact of the week

On this day in 1869 the Suez canal was opened. You may be forgiven for thinking that this was an oil related engineering endeavour however it predates the discovery of oil in what was then called Persia by some 35 years!

An engineering achievement that made the world a significantly smaller place!

Commiserations and celebrations

Not much to update on this week as the client has asked us to halt testing on the plane with immediate effect. We’re hoping that testing will be resuming mid-late November so keep checking for updates.

That doesn’t mean tIMG_1820here’s any rest for the wicked though, baking and new cars have been keeping the structural testing guys and girls busy (as well as other projects but they’re not as interesting to talk about!). Ed is finally insured on his shiny new car meaning his mood has now dramatically improved after his sad fortnight of torture of having to look at it parked on his drive.

And of course, it wouldn’t be the ASTC without some cake. It’s nearly Chloe’s birthday and Emily decided to get baking and made a cake complete with custard cream biscuit border and a custard cream spread topping, it went down a treat.