Round and round we go!

We are now gearing up to get the aerobatic aircraft back on the Whiffletree and perform the second Big Flip!

At the moment the aircraft is currently upside down attached to some trestles in the middle of the ASTC workshop having performed another mini-flip!

The customer and their team had been analysing test data and requested more strain channels in critical areas of the wings for stress analysis. It is important to understand what is happening throughout the aircraft when stress is applied, so more tests are usually requested should data readings not match expected results from earlier modelling.

big flip 2

Now we have added the extra strain channels, we will be conducting some controlled test-loads using static weights before the aircraft is re-attached to the Whiffletree. This gives the team control data to verify or recalculate their expected findings for where stress should be on the aircraft and use for comparison against future responses from the strain gauges once the test-cycles start again.

The team will interrogate and verify this data to ensure the strain channels are installed in the right places or whether anymore are needed. Then hopefully next week, the second big flip will load the aircraft back onto the Whiffletree to begin the testing cycle again!

In other news, mince pies are continuing to make their way into the office, today we were up to 18 pies in the office at once – no one goes hungry at the AMRC!


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