The big red button

Since last week, we have flipped and realigned the aeroplane back on the Whiffletree (we have got it down to a fine art!). We are currently double-checking all the safety settings and limits for the new round of testing; we are always kept busy at ASTC!

The customer has paid us a visit to go through the static verification loads we tested last week in preparation for the aeroplane to be re-mounted back onto the Whiffletree. They were happy with the results and where the strain gauges were positioned ready for the full testing cycles.

Steve then coupled all the instrumentation back in and has done all the necessary checks to ensure that everything will work the way it should when we go back into the testing phase. He’s meticulously gone through all the wiring and initialising the strain gauges, if they don’t initialise it shows there’s a break or a faulty connection. Luckily for us, they’re all fine!

Using previous test data, we have been finely tuning the control system. After this, we will be in a position to run some small five kilo newton (kn) loads, which will help us further verify everything is working in the right way for the full testing cycles.

The client is visiting us on Thursday 3rd December, so we get the opportunity to go through a Test Readiness Review together and if we are both happy, we can sign along the dotted line, press the big red button and testing round two can begin!



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