Introducing our aerobatic aircraft, the Game Bird 1

We can now announce the creators behind the aerobatic aircraft we have been testing here at the Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC)!

For the first time in 30 years we can say that full airworthiness certification of a aircraft is taking place in the UK thanks to a pioneering partnership involving a championship-winning aerobatics pilot, an aircraft builder and ourselves.

Former German National Freestyle Aerobatic Champion and aircraft designer Philipp Steinbach is the brains behind the Game Bird 1 (GB1), which is being built by Lincolnshire-based Game Composites and is intended to be the world’s most fun to fly two-seater aircraft.

Headwaters of the Ganges River
The Game Bird 1 in flight!

The GB1 has been designed and built in the UK, but Philipp and Game Composites’ co-founder Stuart Walton, faced the expense of shipping the aircraft to the Czech Republic for full airworthiness certification, until Game Composites’ met our head of the ASTC (and project Show Boss) Phil Spiers at a Royal Aeronautical Society meeting.

Phil was determined that the production process should be kept within Britain, and although it would be the first time a plane has been designed, built and tested in the UK for 30 years; Phil was sure we had the skills and experience to make it happen.

The bespoke Whiffletree test rig was designed and built from scratch right here at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with the help of welding specialists from the Nuclear AMRC and the AMRC’s own apprentices.

Phil and the team believe that the successful completion of airworthiness tests will open the way for the testing of light aircraft to return to the UK.

You can see the aircraft’s amazing capability, designed to help it carry our impressive aerobatic feats in the video’s below.


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