ASTC’s fact of the week…

On the 13 February 1923, Charles Elwood Yeager, better known as ‘Chuck’ was born. Chuck joined the US air force and flew out of RAF Leiston. During the second world war, he was shot down, escaped to Spain and ultimately to the UK and was flying again before the end of the war.

Afterwards he became a test pilot for the USAF and on the 14 October 1947 he became the first man to fly above the speed of sound in an aircraft named Glamorous Glennis, which he named after his wife.

Only two days beforehand he had fallen off a horse and broken two ribs – he was so worried about missing the flight that he did not tell the air force of the incident and chose treatment by a local vet to keep it secret!

Heres to Chuck, a living aviation pioneer!


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