Best Boy

Hi, I’m Edward Allen, Engineering Apprentice at the Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC).

I started as an engineering apprentice in September 2014. I’m employed by the ASTC at the AMRC and am being trained at the AMRC Training Centre.

I love working as part of the structural testing team as every day is different and it’s really good fun. Steve is my line manager and is an interesting character. He keeps it fresh and me on my toes.

My role in the Whiffletree project is to be the dogsbody – I do what people want when they want it. This even includes fetching lunch, getting the right tools sorted etc. Basically, lots of little jobs so it means the team can concentrate on the big ones.

I’m most looking forward to finally seeing the plane fully assembled on the strong floor being tested on. It shall be interesting to see the results, as I’ve never seen any testing like this of this scale.

As I’ve only recently started working at the ASTC; I was based over at the AMRC Training Centre until June 2015; I’ve not worked on too many projects of my own yet. I’ve recently been tasked with stripping down and re-furbishing an old lawnmower but all I’ve done so far is to strip down and clean the engine. It’ll take me quite a long time and it’s an exercise that will allow me to understand the process of completing a job from beginning to end. It’s a big old lawnmower too, one of the cricket green type ones. I’ll be sandblasting it down to remove all the carbon too.

If I could fly any aircraft it would be an F22 Raptor. They are so loud and really mean – they look like they could tear your face off! The twin engines at the back, the contours through the plans, it’s a distinct design which if you see is fascinating.