About the project

This is an extraordinary opportunity. For the first time in over 30 years a plane is being designed, built and tested in the UK. The Advanced Structural Testing Centre (ASTC), part of the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC), has been selected to test a small aerobatic aircraft for a niche manufacturer.  At this point we can’t disclose who they are but we can share the journey of how we test the plane with you.

It’s such a unique job for us. We haven’t done it before but we have the skills and experience in abundance to help this manufacturer get their planes in the sky as quickly as possible. We’ll be making bespoke test rigging, we’ll be designing and cutting parts using other facilities in the AMRC, such as lasering for incredible precision, we’ll be making a complete whiffletree (hence the name of our blog) – the list goes on!

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Enjoy some videos below of planes similar to the one we’ll be testing doing some aerobatic stunts. Just think, soon a plane from the UK will be flying alongside the very best in the world.